We're so grateful to all of our partners who worked with us to celebrate the opening of The Lorax (press release) and the health and sustainability of Georgia's forests: Carmike Cinemas, Georgia Theatre Company and theatres across the state; the Georgia Forestry Association and the Georgia Forestry Foundation; and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources State Parks & Historic Sites. Thank you all for celebrating with us!

Tree Seedling Giveaway at "The Lorax" Movie Premiere - Georgia Farm Monitor video

Remember once you plant your tree, log on to the Georgia Grove and share your tree planting adventure. Inside The Grove, you have the ability to set up a profile, create photo “groves” of trees you plant to commemorate special events, and join tree groups that create change in your community. Make sure you join the Georgia group once you create your profile.

And don't forget - if you missed out on the movie seedling giveaway, you can still get tree seeds at geocaches in our state parks! Geocaching is the popular recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. A logbook is in each cache for finders to record a comment. For more information on Georgia DNR's geocaching program visit http://www.gastateparks.org/Geocaching/. In addition, Georgia DNR has an account for participants to sign-in and leave comments at http://www.geocaching.com/.

Ode to Georgia's Forests
The forests in Georgia grow wide and grow strong,
from hilltops to seashore, their birds are in song.
They're managed by people who care for the trees,
which filter our water and clean air to breathe.

We grow trees for paper and lumber and more.
They shade us in summer in yards we adore.
Our forests are healthy because we are strict -
for every tree taken we plant at least six!

For camping or hunting or hiking, they call.
Our forests are vital to one and to all.
Let’s keep them intact forever, for good.
For all our tomorrows, let’s do what we should!


Learn more about forestry in Georgia:

  • Did you know that we depend on trees for thousands of products we use every day? And those products go far beyond lumber and paper ... here's just a sampling of the many things we get from trees.
  • Georgia has 24.8 million acres of forest land. Most of our forest lands are owned by private individuals.
  • Two out of every three raindrops that fall in Georgia land on forest lands ... that makes Georgia's forests one of the most significant factors affecting our water quality and quantity.
  • Georgia's forest coverage has remained stable since the 1950s. In fact, we grow 38 percent more trees each year than we harvest!
  • Forest-related industries provide over 108,000 jobs in Georgia.
  • Get lots more Georgia forest facts here.
  • Download some fun forestry activity sheets!
  • Educators can use these activities from Project Learning Tree to teach about sustainable forestry and help connect students to the wonder of woods.

*The Georgia Forestry Commission is not affiliated with Universal Pictures or The Lorax movie.