Forest health alerts & updates on emerging threats to Georgia's forests.

File Timber Impact Assessment: Hurricane Matthew, October 8-9, 2016
Assessment of overall damage to forests in GA due to Hurricane Matthew
File Destructive Tree Pest Detected in Georgia - 2013
An invasive insect, emerald ash borer (EAB), has been detected in Georgia for the first time.
Georgia Update
File FAQs about EAB in Georgia - 2013
Frequently asked questions about emerald ash borer.
File Thousand Cankers Disease - 2010 Georgia Update
The recent find of thousand cankers disease (TCD) near Knoxville, TN prompted the release of this document.
File New Ambrosia Beetle Detected
Information revised in 2010.
File Longleaf Pine Mortality - Rhizoctonia blight
In October 2009, a Georgia Forestry Commission forester observed three year old longleaf pine seedlings with discolored, soft and wilting needles, dead terminal buds, and near total mortality in a field.