Upcoming Events
(in the next 6 months)
Event Name Event Begin Date/Time Event End Date/Time Event Location Free? Registration Required? Additional Information?
The Natural History of Georgia Forests and the Relationship to Community Trees 4/25/2018
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
Rome, Georgia Yes Yes Website
Southeast Wood Solutions Fair 4/25/2018
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
College Park, Georgia No Yes Website
Forestry and Wildlife Management Field Day 4/27/2018
8:00 AM
3:30 PM
Washington, Georgia No Yes NA
Hitchiti Forestry Field Day 4/28/2018
09:00 AM
1:00 PM
Juliette, Georgia Yes Yes NA
Ladies for their Lands Workshop 4/28/2018
9:30 AM
04:00 PM
Statesboro, Georgia Yes Yes NA